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 Horror authors, surname starts with W BooksGenres
Tim WaggonerNew Books52f,h,s
Bruce Wagner12h
Karl Edward Wagner42f,h
Robert W WalkerNew Books98h,s
Quentin Wallace25h,r
C J Waller3h
Sue WallmanNew Books2h
J R WardNew Books37f,h,r
Gavin Warner1h
Christine WarrenNew Books31f,h,r
Kaaron Warren13h
Stephanie Watson2h
Thomas A WatsonNew Books21h,s,t
Lawrence Watt-EvansNew Books66f,h,s
Charles G Waugh115f,h,m,s
Don WebbNew Books20h
Larry Weinberg41h,s
Robert E Weinberg72h,m,s
Bobbi J G Weiss26f,h,s
David Cody Weiss28f,h,m,s
David Wellington22h
Dan WellsNew Books21f,h,m,s,t
Jaye WellsNew Books19f,h,r
Louise WelshNew Books14h,m
Chuck WendigNew Books37f,h,s
K D Wentworth9f,h,s
Kyle West13h,s
Robert Westall58f,h
Danny WestonNew Books4h
Suzanne WeynNew Books126f,h,r,s,t
Patrick Whalen6h
Dennis Wheatley88h
James Gordon White10h
Wrath James WhiteNew Books24h
Colson Whitehead8h
David Whitehead35h,m
Robert J Wiersema7h
Rick Wilber12h,s
Kelley Wilde4h
Oscar Wilde34h
Eileen WilksNew Books63f,h,m,r
Conrad Williams23h,m
Liz Williams25h
Robert Moore WilliamsNew Books32h
Scott B WilliamsNew Books19h,s
Chet Williamson26f,h
Bill Willingham15h
Jeanne WillisNew Books178h
David Niall WilsonNew Books77f,h,s
F Paul WilsonNew Books89f,h,m,s,t
Kea Wilson1h
Norah Wilson32f,h,m,r
Terri Windling51f,h
Elizabeth Winfrey8h,r
Linda Winstead JonesNew Books63f,h,m,r
Douglas E Winter12h,m
Ben H Winters23h,m
Jeanette WintersonNew Books28f,h
Veronica Wolff15h,r
Dave Wolverton22f,h,s
David WongNew Books4h
Ian WoodheadNew Books47h
Yvonne Woon3h,r
Iain Rob Wright52h
Laura WrightNew Books72f,h,r
T M Wright32h

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