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 Mystery authors, surname starts with W BooksGenres
David P WagnerNew Books5m
Jan Costin Wagner4m
Mats Wahl1f,m
Per Wahlöö16m
A J Waines5m
Tina Wainscott29m,r
John Wainwright86m
Lea WaitNew Books21m
Christopher Wakling5m,t
Elissa Wald3m
Noreen Wald7m
Ayelet WaldmanNew Books18m
Ann Waldron19m
Blair S Walker4m
David J Walker13m
Jenness Walker3m,r
Julie Ann WalkerNew Books16m,r
LynDee Walker7m
Martin WalkerNew Books22m
Mary Willis Walker4m
Nichelle Walker6m,r
Persia Walker4m
Peter N Walker51m
Wendy WalkerNew Books4m
Kathryn R Wall14m
Auralee WallaceNew Books6m
Edgar Wallace137m,t
Marilyn Wallace15m
Randall Wallace9m
R A J Walling30m
Jill Paton Walsh50m
Maurice Walsh26m
T M E Walsh4m
Alex Walters6m
Janet Lane WaltersNew Books63m,r
Michael Walters3m
Minette WaltersNew Books23m
Joseph Wambaugh23m
Michelle Wan6m
Amanda Eyre Ward7m,r
Robert Ward11m
Sarah WardNew Books3m
Ruth WareNew Books3m
Wayne Warga4m
Jean Waricha21m,s
Jessica Warman5m,r,t
Jean Warmbold7m
Gertrude Chandler Warner172m
Mignon Warner27m
Penny Warner29m
Barbara Warren6m,r
Nancy WarrenNew Books103m,r,t
Pat WarrenNew Books49m,r
Susan May WarrenNew Books83m,r,t
Livia J WashburnNew Books48m,r
Julie WassmerNew Books5m
Jane Waterhouse4m
Terry Watkins2m,r,t
Clarissa Watson5m
Colin Watson14m
Ian Watson60f,m,s
Jude Watson66m,s,t
S J WatsonNew Books3m,t
Wendy Lyn Watson4m
Kate WattersonNew Books12m
Timothy Watts6m
Charles G Waugh115f,h,m,s
Hillary Waugh50m
Joanna WayneNew Books87m,r,t
Ashley WeaverNew Books6m
Ingrid Weaver40m,r
Tim WeaverNew Books11m
Betty Webb14m
Catherine Webb8f,m
Debra WebbNew Books185m,r,t
Jack Webb11m
Katherine WebbNew Books8m
Lionel Webb8m
Martha G Webb3m
Peggy WebbNew Books95m,r
Wendy WebbNew Books7m
Heather Webber19m,r
Tracy WeberNew Books5m
Jason WebsterNew Books13m
Pamela WechslerNew Books2m
Lee WeeksNew Books10m
Jakob Wegelius1m
Robert E Weinberg72h,m,s
Suzi Weinert3m
Theresa Weir22m,r
David Cody Weiss28f,h,m,s
Jan Merete Weiss2m
Kirsten WeissNew Books21m
John Welcome21m
Sue WelfareNew Books12m,r
Chris Well11m
Carolyn Wells157m
Dan WellsNew Books21f,h,m,s,t
H G Wells158m,s
Helen Wells43m
Melanie Wells3m
Melinda Wells5m
Shirley Wells18m
Tobias Wells16m
Kaite WelshNew Books1m
Kate WelshNew Books31m,r
Lesley WelshNew Books2m
Louise WelshNew Books14h,m
Annelie WendebergNew Books13m
C M WendelboeNew Books5m
Christine WengerNew Books23m,r
Patricia Wentworth68m
Nancy WerlinNew Books14f,m,r
Patricia Werner27m,r
Matt Wesolowski1m
Marianne Wesson4m
Charles West8m
Christopher West5m
Michael Lee West9m
Nancy G West4m
Richard F West4m
John Westermann5m
Jeri WestersonNew Books18m
Donald E Westlake96m
Marybeth Mayhew WhalenNew Books2m
Peter Whalley12m
Ian WhatesNew Books47f,m,s
Carolyn Wheat11m
Karen WhiddonNew Books78f,m,r
Iona WhishawNew Books4m
Dave WhiteNew Books10m
Elizabeth White14m,r
Hope White17m,r
Karen WhiteNew Books27f,m,r
Kate WhiteNew Books15m,r
Linda J White5m
Lionel White37m
Loreth Anne WhiteNew Books36m,r
Michael WhiteNew Books14m,t
Neil WhiteNew Books13m
Pat White20f,m,r
Randy Wayne WhiteNew Books37m
Stephen White22m
Sheri WhitefeatherNew Books90f,m,r,t
Barbara Whitehead15m
David Whitehead35h,m
Stella WhitelawNew Books63m,r
J A WhitingNew Books24m
Robert WhitlowNew Books20m
Phyllis A Whitney79m
Leslie H Whitten9m
Harry Whittington78m,t
Tina Whittle11m
Tracy Whitwell2m
Sam WiebeNew Books3m
Lis WiehlNew Books19m
Kevin WignallNew Books14m
Linda WikenNew Books3m
Collin Wilcox35m
Elle Wild1m
Darcie WildeNew Books7m
Lori WildeNew Books102m,r
Michael WileyNew Books7m,t
Kate Wilhelm81m,s
Leslie Wilkie13m
Susan WilkinsNew Books3m
Kerry WilkinsonNew Books29f,m,r
Kit WilkinsonNew Books12m,r
Eileen WilksNew Books63f,h,m,r
Nick WilkshireNew Books5m
Charles Willeford37m
Amanda Kyle Williams7m
Beatriz WilliamsNew Books11m,r
Charles Williams21m
Charlie Williams12m
Conrad Williams23h,m
David Williams27m
Lawrence Williams6m
Nigel Williams25m
Paula WilliamsNew Books6m,r
Timothy WilliamsNew Books8m
Lauren WilligNew Books21m,r
G P Willis3m
Lynn Chandler Willis5m
Audrey Willsher9m
Andrew WilsonNew Books8m
Carter WilsonNew Books5m
D K Wilson3m
F Paul WilsonNew Books89f,h,m,s,t
Gayle Wilson61m,r
Glenis WilsonNew Books11m
Jacqueline WilsonNew Books158m
John Morgan WilsonNew Books13m
Laura WilsonNew Books14m
Maggie Wilson4m
N L Wilson4m
Norah Wilson32f,h,m,r
Patricia Wilson52m,r
Robert WilsonNew Books14m
Sam Wilson1m
Susan WilsonNew Books10m
Marty WingateNew Books9m
R D Wingfield6m
Tom Winship1m,t
Don WinslowNew Books18m,t
Pauline Glen Winslow17m
Jacqueline WinspearNew Books19m
Linda Winstead JonesNew Books63f,h,m,r
Anne Marie WinstonNew Books62m,r
Lois Winston32m
Ariel S Winter6m
Douglas E Winter12h,m
Henry Winterfeld5m
A R WintersNew Books16m
Ben H Winters23h,m
Danica WintersNew Books33m,r
Rebecca WintersNew Books289m,r
Brian M WiprudNew Books11m
Mildred A Wirt106m
Linda Randall Wisdom75m,r
Ellen Marie WisemanNew Books4m
David WishartNew Books24m
Iona Wishaw1m
Tim Wohlforth4m
Kevin WolfNew Books2m
S K Wolf4m
Inger Ash Wolfe4m
Valerie Wolzien23m
Maryrose WoodNew Books14f,m,r
Michael Wood4m
Sara Wood61m,r
Simon Wood22m,t
Ted Wood13m
William P Wood11m
Anne Woodard2m,r
Sarah WoodburyNew Books46f,m
Elizabeth Woodcraft4m
Heather WoodhavenNew Books16m,r
Jake Woodhouse3m
Lani Woodland12f,m,r
Jonathan Woods4m
Karen WoodsNew Books17m
Sara Woods59m
Stuart WoodsNew Books80m,t
T E WoodsNew Books10m
Teri Woods15m
Jacqueline Woodson37m
Cornell Woolrich43m
Kate Workman2m
Lenora WorthNew Books110m,r
Reavis Z WorthamNew Books8m,t
M K Wren18m,s
A J Wright3m
Edward Wright5m
Eric Wright27m
Jen Wright4m
Keith Wright4m
L R Wright15m
M P Wright4m
Nina Wright9m
Erich Wurster1m
Patricia WynnNew Books16m,r
Anthony Wynne28m
Lisa WysockyNew Books16m

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