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 Science fiction authors, surname starts with W BooksGenres
K B WagersNew Books4s
Tim WaggonerNew Books61f,h,s,t
Mark Walden12s,t
Robert W WalkerNew Books106h,m,s
Michael WallaceNew Books47f,s
Eric WaltersNew Books107r,s
Jo WaltonNew Books24f,s
Jude Watson67f,m,s,t
Lawrence Watt-Evans68f,h,s
Peter Watts12s
Nick WebbNew Books14s
David WeberNew Books86f,s
Dietmar Arthur WehrNew Books25s
Raymond L WeilNew Books43s
Elizabeth WeinNew Books13s
Andy Weir2s
Dan Wells22f,h,m,s,t
H G WellsNew Books173m,s
Martha WellsNew Books28f,s
Chuck WendigNew Books30f,h,s
Scott WesterfeldNew Books38f,s,t
Alex WhiteNew Books4s
Corey J WhiteNew Books3s
Steve WhiteNew Books32s
Kate Wilhelm82m,s
Drew WilliamsNew Books2s
Walter Jon WilliamsNew Books60f,s
Jack Williamson83s
Michael Z Williamson18s
Connie Willis38f,s
Daniel H Wilson15s
F Paul WilsonNew Books93f,h,m,s,t
Robert Charles Wilson22f,s
Ben H WintersNew Books24h,m,s
Gene Wolfe66f,s
Patricia C Wrede35f,s
Janny WurtsNew Books24f,s
John Wyndham28s

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