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 Thriller authors, surname starts with W BooksGenres
Urban Waite3t
Christopher Wakling5m,t
Mark WaldenNew Books13s,t
Greg Walker16t
Edgar Wallace137m,t
Jan Wallentin1t
Michael Walsh16t
Jess Walter10t
James M Ward20f,t
Phil WardNew Books9t
Jessica Warman5m,r,t
Nancy WarrenNew Books105m,r,t
Susan May WarrenNew Books80m,r,t
Tim Washburn2t
Terry Watkins2m,r,t
Jude Watson66m,s,t
Paul E Watson1t
S J WatsonNew Books3m,t
Thomas A WatsonNew Books10h,t
Camilla Way3t
Joanna WayneNew Books86m,r,t
Debra WebbNew Books184m,r,t
Philip Webb2f,t
John Weisman24t
Dan WellsNew Books20f,h,m,s,t
Robison Wells10f,t
Richard Wenk7s,t
Saul Wernick5t
Barton Werper5t
Tracey WestNew Books277f,s,t
Scott WesterfeldNew Books38f,s,t
Robert Paul Weston6f,r,t
Suzanne WeynNew Books126f,h,r,s,t
Michael White14m,t
Michael White7t
Robert White5t
Sheri WhitefeatherNew Books88f,m,r,t
Diane Whiteside10r,t
Russell WhitfieldNew Books6t
Charles Whiting32t
John Whitman45s,t
Harry Whittington78m,t
Matt Whyman24t
Anthony Whyte20t
Michael Wiley6m,t
Doug Wilhelm17t
Eliza Willard19f,r,t
Andrew WilliamsNew Books5t
Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams7t
Tim Willocks8t
Andrews & WilsonNew Books3t
F Paul WilsonNew Books90f,h,m,s,t
Gar Wilson59t
Ruth Wind27m,r,t
Tom Winship1m,t
Norman Winski4t
Don WinslowNew Books18m,t
Pam Withers18t
Douglas P Wojtowicz40s,t
Dick Wolf4t
Cameron Wolfe1t
George Wolk19t
Christopher Wood3t
David WoodNew Books44t
Simon WoodNew Books23m,t
Tom WoodNew Books8t
Patrick Woodhead4t
Stuart WoodsNew Books79m,t
Alex WoolfNew Books20f,t
Glover Wright8t

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