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Taylor Hart has one job - she's a cleaner for the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. But cleaning doesn't mean mopping floors...

Taylor cleans up illegal messes Lazarus Pharmaceuticals creates, making sure their atrocities are never discovered by the public. But when their latest multi-trillion-dollar drug goes terribly wrong, not even Taylor can keep the fallout in check.

Vanidrum was supposed to be a miracle drug to drive away mankind's inner demons - but it's managed to achieve the opposite effect...

Paid to look the other way, Taylor can't ignore the spreading epidemic. Rather than cure anxiety and depression, Vanidrum has caused the very darkest part of human nature to push though to the surface.

While infected maniacs spread the virus, Taylor and her team fight for survival...

Forced to a secluded lab hidden in the tundra of Alaska, an elite group of scientists works to find a cure. In a world infested with violent creatures spreading humanity's darkness, no one is safe.

It isn't until Taylor herself falls victim to the threat that she discovers her connection to this darkness runs far deeper than she'd ever imagined.

Can Taylor and the surviving scientists bring humanity back from the edge of extinction? Or will they be forced to watch as the darkness inside mankind consumes...

All The Beautiful People.


The darkness infecting mankind has been given a name - The Dread...

It's been a year and a half since Taylor Hart and her companions fled Los Angeles, desperate to escape the infection unleashed by the drug Vanidrum, which causes bloodthirsty madness in its hosts. The survivors found refuge in a hidden Lazarus Pharmaceutical base in Alaska, codenamed The Ark, but it isn't long before the grisly army of the infected finds them.

Now, Dread Lieutenants are appearing, men and women chosen by the darkness and given horrifying special abilities...

As Taylor and her team fight to escape, Doctor Valery Spear falls prey to the infection. She becomes a Dread Lieutenant, equipped with enhanced speed and strength. The mad doctor is now bent on capturing Taylor and using her for experimentation.

Their only hope is to reach The Vault, where the last known transmission from the outside world originated...

As they journey through wastelands and towns overrun by creatures of The Dread, Taylor's power of telekinesis begins to evolve and she receives visions from a being who calls itself The Messenger. The visions hint that one of her companions holds a secret that could release the world from the horrors of the infection... if Taylor can manage to keep her safe.

When betrayal sells them into the hands of their enemies, Taylor must protect their only hope of salvation, or join All the Broken People.


The ominous Dread Army is moving against the last remaining human enclaves.

In an Elite protected castle in upstate New York, a handful of survivors are prepared to make their last stand. If their defenses are breached, they'll be infected with a virus that will transform them into vile creatures ruled by base instincts.

Far to the west, Taylor Hart's special powers have so far kept her and the other refugees from The Ark safe from infection, but how long can they survive alone? Taylor struggles to build alliances with neighboring outposts, but her emerging feelings for Lu interfere. Is there room for love in a world ruled by the Dread?

On the Oregon border, something is waiting. Something... not human. The latest Dread Lieutenant has created a perfect killing machine, a man-turned-monster with only one thought -

Kill Taylor Hart.

Genre: Science Fiction

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Title: Dread Series: Books 1-3
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