book cover of Betrothed to the Crimson Laird

Betrothed to the Crimson Laird

(The first book in the Thorns Of The Highlands series)
A novel by

Beyond the veil of secrets, love shines the brightest.

From their first meeting as children, when the Oliphants visited her clan, Isla's memory of Alex was indelibly marked by the shadow of his father's oppressive rule.
Their youthful encounter, brief and marred by the bitterness of an age-old clan feud, would be a prelude to a future neither could have ever imagined.

Isla, a strong-willed lass from a proud lineage, faces a destiny where marriage is not just a matter of the heart, but a critical alliance for her clan's survival. Enter Alex, now a formidable Laird, whose ambition for a strategic union brings him back to Isla.
She accepts his proposal, but she knows their journey to the altar will not be exactly strewn with rose petals.

Beneath their impending union lies Isla’s secret, a force strong enough to shatter their betrothal and the fragile peace between the two clans.
As she battles with this hidden truth, she must also navigate Alex’s unpredictable moods and break the rigid walls guarding his heart.

As fate weaves a complex web of passion and secrets, Alex’s conviction is shaken to its core, and love starts to flourish amidst the chaos.
Will their bond lead to disaster, or will they find strength in each other, forging a love that transcends the trials of their world?

"Betrothed to the Crimson Laird" is a story by Alisa Adams, packed with mystery, plot twists, and romance, set on the beautiful backdrop of the Scottish Highlands. Get your copy for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

Genre: Historical Romance

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