Information for Authors

We've created the Fantastic Fiction website for readers to discover new books and authors and to keep track of the books they've read and want to read. We operate independently of any author, publisher or bookshop.

Existing authors

If you're included on our website then we hope you're happy with us listing your books and keeping them up to date.

We use Amazon's "Product Advertising API" to keep track of available books and, if you have "Followers", we'll notify them when we discover new books and when books become available.

If you have any problems with our page, or would like us to change anything then please contact

New authors

There's no charge to be listed on Fantastic Fiction. Because we try to keep every author page on our site up to date and accurate, there's a limit to how many authors we can handle. Unfortunately, this means we sometimes "archive" authors that our visitors aren't looking at, so we can concentrate on the authors we do list.

If you're an author, and believe you have a following that will use our website, please email and request that we add you.