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We've created the Fantastic Fiction website for readers. We aim to help them discover new books and authors and to keep track of the books they've read and want to read.

We operate independently of any author, publisher or bookshop and with over 150,000 members and nearly 25 million pageviews a month, we're one of the world's most popular book information websites.

Authors included

If you're included on our website then it's because our users have been searching our site for your books. We hope you're happy with us listing and promoting them - and keeping everything up to date.

How we add your books

We use Amazon's "Product Advertising API" to keep track of your available books. Our team of editors check each book that we add - we make sure it is by you, and we add any extra edition, series and genre information.

We allocate a single genre to each of your books - you can see the genre on the book's page, below the blurb. We may also show the genres you write in on your author page.

If we've made a mistake or we are missing books, or you have any problems with our page for you, then please contact and we'll fix it immediately.

How we promote your books

If you have "Followers", we'll email them when we discover new books and when books become available.

We track which pages our visitors look at, and use this to show the "Visitors also looked at" section on our author and book pages. Also, our members are shown recommended authors and books based on this information.

If we discover praise from other authors in the blurb for any your books, then we'll add your book to that author's page as a recommendation by the author. We'll also include the quote on your book's page.

How we determine popularity

We use visitor counts - not book sales - to determine the popularity of authors and books. So, if your readers use our site then the visibility of your books will increase - and our users will discover and hopefully buy them. We receive a small commission from Amazon for every book we sell through our website.


Please consider promoting your page on Fantastic Fiction to your readers - this will show you approve of what we're doing, and help our users find your books.

If you have any questions then please contact

Authors not included

Our goal is to include every author that has readers who will follow them.

However, we don't include authors who haven't written fiction in the English language. We also don't include authors who have only written graphic novels or picture books, as we're not able to maintain these sort of books accurately at the moment.

Our users decide which authors we need to add. We look at the books and authors they're searching for and we add the authors we're missing.

If we should be including you and we're not - then we're sorry. We add hundreds of new authors to our site every month and as our site grows we'll be including even more. If you have readers who use our site then we'll hopefully add you eventually.

If you believe we've overlooked you and your readers are using our website, please email and request that we add you. We're sorry it's not possible for us to reply to every request. Once enough of our users are looking at your books, we'll add a photo and bio, and we may then contact you to clarify some information.

The Fantastic Fiction Team

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