About Fantastic Fiction

Fantastic Fiction is an online catalog of authors and books for those of us who love to read fiction.

If you've ever stayed up all night with the latest page turner (even though it's work tomorrow); if you can't wait to read the next book by your favorite author and get a real buzz from discovering a new book, then FF is aimed at you.

Track your favorites

Everyone has their favorite authors; we want to read everything they've written, and even more importantly, we need to know when they have a new book out.  FF is unique in that the website is centered round authors rather than books.  Each author has their own page so you can see at a glance everything they have written in the order in which they were published, plus any new or forthcoming books.

If you are hooked on a particular series you'll find them listed in sequence on the author's page.  Or if you follow a series like Star Trek, written by many different authors, you'll find them on our series pages accessed via the tab on the home page.

Discover new authors

Of course, we all hunger for new authors too.  There are many more potential favorites out there publishing just your sort of books and FF can help you find them.  At the foot of each author's page you can see who else their visitors were interested in.

Authors have their own favorites too, and you can find them with FF's unique author recommendations feature.  Check out an author you know and love and see if they've recommended anyone; many do, and links to their recommendations can be seen at the foot of their page.

Or when you've enjoyed a particular book, you can check out the similar books by other authors on the book pages

See what's new

Our home page showcases the books released this month or due in the next quarter.  Choose between hardback, paperback, Kindle and audio editions.  To make it easier to spot your favorites, we show a selection, based on FF's most popular authors and books.  Or you can see the full list via the New Books and Coming Soon tabs.

Why not give it a try and go exploring? There's a whole world of fiction out there waiting to be discovered.

Don't just google it, FF it!

We are

The Fantastic Fiction website began in the UK in 1999 as a hobby, born of our love of reading and an ongoing need to find new books.  Over the years FF grew until it became a full time job for its founder, Dave Wands, who resigned from his job in IT to form the company in 2004.

Dave still remains the creative director and driving force behind FF but now he has a small team of family and friends working alongside him to ensure that the information is kept as up to the date and accurate as possible. Dave also occasionally helps out with his nephew Keaton's website Sameway.

We are pretty stretched keeping up to date with the latest books, so please forgive us if we don't answer all your emails and messages.  It doesn't mean we don't care; the positive posts we get from you keep us going and we love hearing from you.

As a small company of fellow book lovers, FF needs and values your continued support.

Thank you

The Fantastic Fiction Team