Benjamin Appel

USA flag (1907 - 1977)

Benjamin Appel, or Benjamin Apple was an American writer. He was one of the writers of the period specializing in detective and crime fiction, sometimes from a radical perspective.

Appel grew up in the Hell's Kitchen area of New York City. It was this experience that he drew upon when writing his novels.

Before he began earning a living from his writing, he was a bank clerk, farmer, lumberjack, factory-hand and a housing inspector for New York City.
Brain Guy (1934)
     aka The Enforcer
Four Roads to Death (1935)
     aka Gold and Flesh
The Power-House (1939)
The Dark Stain (1943)
But Not Yet Slain (1947)
Plunder (1952)
Dock Walloper (1953)
Life and Death of a Tough Guy (1955)
     aka Teen-Age Mobster
Hell's Kitchen (1956)
     aka Alley Kids
The Raw Edge (1958)
The Funhouse (1959)
     aka The Death Master
A Big Man, A Fast Man (1961)
A Time of Fortune (1963)