Jan Andersen

   The Beckoning Dream (1959)
   Dangerous Paradise (1960)
   My Love, a Stranger (1960)
   Haunted Melody (1961)
   The Dark Deceiver (1962)
   Summer At Brandon (1963)
   My Brother's Wife (1964)
   The Pendarvis Legacy (1964)
   A Stranger Came (1964)
   Forbidden Fortune (1965)
   The Man from the Mountains (1966)
   Storm Castle (1967)
   Green Witches (1968)
   Valley of the Hawks (1969)
   A Wilder Shore (1969)
   The House Called Green Bays (1970)
   The Man in the Shadow (1971)
   Thunder from the Hills (1971)
   The Silent Moon (1971)
   The Man from Coral Bay (1972) (with Jan Anderson)
   The Hidden Valley (1973)
   Master of Koros (1974)
   Cinnamon Hill (1975)
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