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Janmarie Anello

Janmarie Anello started spinning stories at an early age, first for her dolls, then for her family and friends. In junior high, her plots revolved around boys and falling in love. Little did she know she was treading the path of a future career, but she took a slight detour. She went to college and pursued her second favorite subject: science. She earned her degree in Medical Technology, a health-care profession, then went to work for a community hospital where she remains to this day.

It wasn't long before her passion for reading inspired her to start writing again. For many years, her stories were fairy tales for her children. Naturally, they were the stars. It wasn't until Janmarie read her first romance novel that she discovered the type of narrative she'd always longed to tell--stories filled with dashing heroes, daring heroines and a love to last a lifetime. The result is her debut novel, FOREVER YOURS, coming from Kensington Books in 2007.

Like the characters in her stories, Janmarie believes in love-at-first-sight and happily-ever-after. How could she not, when she knew within minutes of meeting her husband that he was the man she would eventually marry? Together they have two fabulous children and one loveable, though slightly zany, golden retriever.

Genres: Historical Romance