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Kyra Alessy

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Dark Realms. Dark Anti heroes. Dark Fantasies.

Kyra Alessy  was almost 20 when she read her first romance. From Norsemen to Regency and Romcom to Dubcon, tales of love and adventure filled a void in her she didn’t know existed.

She’s always been a writer in her head but didn't actually do it for a very long time. Its only recently that she’s started to tell stories in the genres she loves most – which at the moment are very ‘why choose’!!

She grew up in South New Jersey and now lives with her husband and two kids near London in the UK.

Join us in the Portal to the Dark Realm, Kyra's private Facebook readers' group, because she is literally ALWAYS online unless she's asleep - much to her husband's annoyance! And she loves interacting with people on social media.

She's also on Instagram, Goodreads, Twitter and trying TikTok so follow for all the up-to-date info on release dates, exclusive content and other general awesomeness from the Dark Brothers' world - where the road to happily ever after might be rough, but its well worth the journey!!

Genres: Paranormal Romance
New and upcoming books
July 2024

Owned by the Fae
(Dark Realms , book 2)
Dark Brothers
   Sought to Satisfy (2020)
   1. Sold to Serve (2020)
   2. Bought to Break (2021)
   3. Kept to Kill (2021)
   4. Caught to Conjure (2021)
   5. Trapped to Tame (2021)
   6. Seized to Sacrifice (2022)
Dark Realms
   1. Sold to the Fae (2024)
   2. Owned by the Fae (2024)
   Probing the Cosmos (2024) (with others)

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