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Marcel Allain

France (1885 - 1969)

Marcel Allain was a French writer mostly remembered today for his co-creation with Pierre Souvestre of the fictional arch-villain and master criminal Fantômas.The son of a Parisian bourgeois family, Allain studied law before becoming a journalist.
1. Fantomas (1911) (with Pierre Souvestre)
2. The Exploits of Juve (1911) (with Pierre Souvestre)
3. Messengers of Evil (1911) (with Pierre Souvestre)
4. A Nest of Spies (1911) (with Pierre Souvestre)
5. A Royal Prisoner (1911) (with Pierre Souvestre)
6. The Long Arm of Fantomas (1911) (with Pierre Souvestre)
7. Slippery As Sin (1911) (with Pierre Souvestre)
8. The Daughter of Fantomas (1911) (with Pierre Souvestre)
33. The Lord of Terror (1925)
34. Juve in the Dock (1926)
35. Fantomas Captured (1926)
36. The Revenge of Fantomas (1927)
37. Bulldog and Rats (1928)
The Yellow Document (1919)
The Silent Executioner (1987)
Fantomas, The Centennial Omnibus Edition (omnibus) (2011) (with Pierre Souvestre)
The Corpse Who Kills (2013)