book cover of Cauldron


(The second book in the Roar series)
A novel by

The Curse

Conor's eyes fill with tears as he gazes on the parched fields of his beloved home. The Celtic isles groan under a curse.: The seasons are askew, and the once-emerald hills are sere and barren. The people's only hope is a legendary Cauldron, hidden amid the icy stones of the north, which can lift the curse and restore the land's bounty.

Only a sorcerer would conceive of such a Quest; only a youth would dare it. Conor's sword is as eager as his heart, answering every challenge--until an awesome beauty steps into the path. Riru is her name. Is she Destiny, robed in glory like the sun? Or Desire, who, unrobed, will tempt Conor to death and dishonor?

Based on characters featured in the Fox television drama, Roar. Created by Shaun Cassidy, creator of American Gothic, and Ron Koslow, creator of Beauty and the Beast. Produced by Universal Television.

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