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Zack Archer

In another life, in another time, Zack Archer was an actual hero.

Okay, so he was never particularly super, but he did assist people as a lawyer, taking on the bad guys, and standing up for truth, justice, and what little remained of the American Way.

When there were no more good fights to be fought, Mr. Archer went west and worked with a variety of big name Hollywood directors on a slew of high-profile projects that remain in various stages of development. All the while he dreamt of working on series like Fiasco Heights, The Swordsman, Pox Americana, Liminal, and stories that combined the high-action and massive set pieces of a Michael Bay movie with the girls, guns, and free-wheeling fun of a harem book. If you enjoy the books of Michael Scott Earle, Jamie Hawke, and J.A. Cipriano, you're gonna dig his books!
Fiasco Heights
   1. Fiasco Heights (2018)
   2. Fiasco Heights 2 (2018)
   1. The Swordsman (2018)
   2. The Swordsman 2 (2018)
   3. The Swordsman 3 (2020)
Pox Americana
   1. Pox Americana (2018)
   2. Pox Americana 2 (2019)
   3. Pox Americana 3 (2019)

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