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Brandi Boddie

Brandi Boddie writes inspirational romances sprinkled with brass, sass, and a dash of the speculative. She holds a juris doctorate from Howard University School of Law and a bachelor's degree in political science from Youngstown State University. She lives in Texas with her husband and two rambunctious canines who aspire to be food critics. When she's not writing or playing dress up in Victorian/steampunk/1940s garb, you can find her hiking, swing dancing, or getting her daily fill of antioxidants through coffee and dark chocolate.

Genres: Romance, Inspirational
Brides of Assurance
1. Garters for Lace (2012)
     aka The Preacher's Wife
2. A Windswept Promise (2014)
Hearts of Misty Mesa
My Heart Lingers (2015)
My Heart Dances (2015)
Spinster Orphan Train (2017) (with Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, Sadie Cuffe, Sophie Cuffe, Paige Winship Dooly, Darlene Franklin, Rhonda Gibson, Anne Greene, Teresa Ives Lilly and Darlia Sawyer)
Sweetwater Romances (2018) (with Jennifer AlLee, Cindy M Amos, Cynthia Hickey, Christina Rich, Renée Riva and Martha Rogers)
Series contributed to
Valentine Matchmaker
Valentine Matchmaker (2016) (with Mary Alford, Jennifer Collins Johnson, Jennifer Vander Klipp, Gail Gaymer Martin, Debra E Marvin, Martha Rogers, Sherri Stewart and Niki Turner)