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Book One
Maclean Harris is a man who lost everything that mattered and is trying to put his life back together the best that he can. A former cop, he's recently taken a job with the brand new security firm, Barracuda Security. He's handed a new case, one that seems simple enough. Keep a lady attorney safe from a potential stalker. But what starts as simple becomes complicated when Maclean meets Rylee.

Rylee Gruffydd is a demanding, high spirited woman who is fiercely protective of what's hers. When she catches some guy following her around town, she confronts him, demands to know what his deal is. The revelation that her estranged brother believes her to be in danger seems more like a game than anything to be afraid of. She indulges the bodyguard because he's hot, tempting him with a little indulgence herself. But when the threat proves to be real, Rylee's belief in the fundamentals of her world are shaken. Can Maclean save her, or will they find a way to save each other?

Book Two
The new accountant got under his skin the moment he set eyes on her. There is something about her that Ayden Vaughn can't ignore, a certain control disguised by a winning smile. A confirmed bachelor, he'd never known anyone like her. And the fact that she keeps him at arm's length even after some of the hottest kisses he's ever experienced just make it that much harder to turn away.

Paxton Morris has made mistakes in her life, some that haunt her every time she looks in the mirror. Everyone thinks they understand her, that they can see right through her, but none of them know her real self. And that's the way she plans to keep it. However, she never intended to spin the web of lies she's spun for Ayden. In fact, she'd never meant to allow him to get as close as he has. It was just supposed to be a job, a fun undercover mission for Barracuda Security, but it's turned into so much more than that. What'll happen when Ayden learns the truth? What'll happen when he meets the real Paxton Morris?

Book Three
Kai Gabriel was obsessed with Briar Pierce from the moment he read her beautiful letters. Those letters weren't addressed to him, but they saved him from a dark depression that had him in its grips just the same. To say he wanted her abusive husband out of the way was an understatement. But did he really resort to murder to make it happen?

Briar Cox Pierce was born into a bad situation that she barely escaped as a teenager. Determined to make it on her own, she fought for everything she achieved in life. All that was turned upside down the day she met Roman Pierce. How could she have known he would give her the greatest gift she'd ever known, but make her pay a horrible price to keep it? Yet, she never wanted him to die. Now he was gone, and her friend was charged with his murder. She knew Kai was innocent and she was willing to do anything to prove it, even travel with him into the den of the criminals responsible. A road trip with a hot man, a game of cat and mouse with a ruthless killer. Who could she trust? She wasn't sure she could trust anyone but herself.

Genre: Romance

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Title: Barracuda Security: Complete 5-Part Series
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