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D.L. Blade. Loves everything paranormal, fantasy, and dark romance. Who started off writing young adult books, she decided that bringing the darker elements into her current writing was where her heart really was.

She grew up in California, studying at the California Healing Arts College and working as a massage therapist for thirteen years and then real estate for three. She now lives in Colorado, where she writes full-time. As someone who had always enjoyed writing, concentrating on poetry and music rather than novels when she was younger, it all changed when she had a dream one night. That dream led to her debut novel in 2018: The Dark Awakening. That was the first book of a completed trilogy, which then led her to write the spicy, adult edition of the same story: Stalked, Taken, and Hunted. Aside from reading and writing, she enjoy hosting parties, going to concerts, wine tasting, and hanging out with her neighborhood besties in her cul-de-sac with a nice cold sangria.

New and upcoming books
Chosen Coven (with Diana b lynn)
   1. The Dark Awakening (2018)
   2. The Dark Underworld (2019)
   3. The Dark Deliverance (2019)
Zemiran Chronicles
   1. The Sea of Zemira (2021)
   2. King Elijah (2022)
   3. The Empress of Fire (2024)
Blood of the Chosen
   1. Stalked (2022)
   2. Taken (2022)
   3. Hunted (2023)
Hades Blood Moon (with C M Locke)
   1. Shade of a Blood Moon (2024)

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