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Edwin Balmer

USA flag (1883 - 1959)

Edwin Balmer (1883-1959) was a writer of detective stories and speculative fiction. He was also the editor of Redbook, and later associate publisher. Balmer also collaborated on the comic strip Speed Spaulding, which was based on the co-authored (with Philip Wylie) novel When Worlds Collide.Philip Gordon Wylie (1902 – 1971) was a prolific American author of works ranging from pulp science fiction, mysteries, social diatribes and satire, to ecology and the threat of nuclear holocaust. He served as director of the Lerner Marine Laboratory, and also was an advisor to the chairman of the Joint Congressional Committee for Atomic Energy. As his scientific and philosophical views were present in his novels, so were his love of pulp-style serials, and his earliest work influenced the creation of Flash Gordon and later, Watchmen, while at least nine movies were made from his novels and stories, including When Worlds Collide.

Genres: Science Fiction
   Waylaid By Wireless a Suspicion, a Warning, and a Transatlantic Pursuit (1909)
   The Achievements of Luther Trant (1910) (with William MacHarg)
   A Wild-Goose Chase (1915)
   The Blind Man's Eyes (1916)
   The Indian Drum (1917) (with William MacHarg)
   Ruth of the U. S. A. (1918)
   Resurrection Rock (1920)
   The Breath of Scandal (1922)
   Keeban (1923)
   Fidelia (1924)
   That Royale Girl (1925)
   Dangerous Business (1927)
   Flying Death (1927)
   The Golden Hoard (1934) (with Philip Wylie)
   The Shield of Silence (1936) (with Philip Wylie)
   The Torn Letter (1941)
   The Disappearance (1951) (with Philip Wylie)
   In His Hands (1954)
   The Candle Of The Wicked (1956)
   With All The World Away (1958)
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