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Elise Blackwell is the author of four critically hailed novels: Hunger, The Unnatural History of Cypress Parish, Grub, and An Unfinished Score. Her books have been chosen for numerous "best of the year" lists, translated into several languages, and adapted for the stage.

Genres: Literary Fiction
   Hunger (2003)
   Grub (2007)
   The Unnatural History of Cypress Parish (2009)
   An Unfinished Score (2010)
   The Lower Quarter (2015)
Elise Blackwell recommends
One Potato (2022)
Tyler McMahon
"One Potato blends cauterizing satire with a deeply humane worldview. It manages to be - all at once - fast-paced and thoughtful, hilarious and consequential, disturbing and delightful."
The City Where We Once Lived (2018)
Eric Barnes
"Spare and elegant, this novel brings into breathtaking relief a frighteningly recognizable future. Eric Barnes shows us what it means to inhabit—a building, a city, a life. And also what it means to be inhabited—by memories, by ghosts, and maybe, just maybe, by hope."

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