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Elizabeth Blackthorne

Elizabeth Blackthorne is a paranormal reverse harem romance author, writing about angels, demons, fallen angels, wolf shifters and vampires. Writing process wise, well... let's just say writing process is a very encompassing term for sitting down at her computer any chance she gets and banging out a few lines in between potty training, ferrying kids about, and the housework. (Kidding, she tries not to do too much housework as she thinks it's bad for the soul.)
 Writing stories based on real mythology and archaeology, she does tend to fall down research rabbit holes frequently, and her notes folder for the books is often thousands of words longer than the book itself which is probably a throwback to her archaeology degree days!


New and upcoming books
Pride of the Midnight Sun
   1. Her Dark Priests (2022)
   2. Her Dark Past (2022)
   3. Her Dark Powers (2022)
   4. Her Dark Prophecy (2023)
Claimed by the Sea Wolves
   1. Scarred Wolf (2023)
   2. Ruined Wolf (2023)
   3. Claimed Wolf (2023)
Deadmen's Club
   1. Deadmen's Captive (2024)
   2. Deadmen's Queen (2024)

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