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Bible Stories from the Old Testament

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These Bible stories of Old and New Testament are retold for young children with the sure touch of the born story- teller. Here Enid Blyton has chosen six of the most suitable for boys and girls. From the Old Testament the wonderful tale of the building of the first -Noah's Ark, and of the way it sailed on the waters that covered the high mountains; the touching tale of the baby hidden in the bulrushes and of the Princess who found him; and the dramatic and vigorous story of the small shepherd boy and Goliath the Giant. From the New Testament Enid Blyton has chosen first the wonderful tale of the Nativity-the little Christ born in the stable, the shepherds marvelling on the hills, the host of angels in the sky. Then there is the story of Christ's child-hood at Nazareth, his growth into man-hood, the calling of his disciples and the beginning of his great work. The book ends with a tale that all children love -the tale of a miracle- the healing of the nobleman's little son.

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