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FlorenciaBonelli was born in Córdoba (Argentina)in 1971. Until recently, she wrote romantic novels with precise historicalsettings which gathered a loyal and great bunch of avid readers. Her bookpresentations are always massive, with thousands of people queuing long hours toget her signature. Bonelli is a great writer and better literatureprofessional. She has published Bodas de odio (Hate Marriage, 1999), Marlene (2003), Indias Blancas (2005, two volumes), Lo que dicen tus ojos (What Your Eyes Say, 2006), El cuarto arcano (The 4th Mystery, 2007, twovolumes) and Me llaman Artemio Furia (They Call Me Artemio Furia, 2009).The first novel of her trilogy Caballo de fuego (Horse of Fire), is set in Paris, where spies, investigations, atomicenergy, terrorism, private security companies and a passionate love story takeplace captivating the reader throughout its thriving 500 pages. The second part of the series takes the reader until Congo, and the third is set in Gaza. Florencia Bonelli is a success herself. In Germany, Dem WindeVersprochen sold 50.000copies.
Year of Fire
1. Obsession (2013)
2. Passion (2014)
3. Possession (2014)