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Harold Edward Bindloss was an English novelist who wrote many adventure novels set in western Canada. Bindloss was born in Liverpool in 1866. He was more than 30 years old before he began writing. Previously he worked as a farmer in Canada and as a cargo heaver, a planter, and at other jobs in southern climes. He returned to London. In 1898, he published his first book, a non-fiction account based on his travels in Africa, called In the Niger Country. This was followed by dozens of novels. He was a popular writer. One reviewer writes: "A new book by Harold Bindloss is always welcome. He tells a story well indeed, but one likes his books best perhaps for the environment which he knows so well how to sketch. He has written charming stories of the Canadian Northwest and one remembers with pleasure his novels Prescott of Saskatchewan and Winston of the Prairie", (Oakland Tribune, 1915). Bindloss' most famous works include: Ranching for Sylvia (1912), The Gold Trail (1910) and Vane of the Timberlands (1911).

Genres: Mystery, Western
New Books
September 2022

Black Cat Weekly #55
(Black Cat Weekly, book 55)
September 2022

Black Cat Weekly #57
(Black Cat Weekly, book 57)
   A Wide Dominion (1899)
   Alton of Somasco (1905)
   The Mistress of Bonaventure (1905)
   The Cattle-Baron's Daughter (1906)
   Delilah of the Snows (1907)
   Winston of the Prairie (1907)
   A Damaged Reputation (1908)
   For Jacinta (1908)
   Liberationist (1908)
   Long Odds (1908)
   Beneath Her Station (1909)
   Lorimer of the Northwest (1909)
   Allinson's Adventure (1910)
   The Gold Trail (1910)
   Masters of the Wheat-Lands (1910)
   Thurston of Orchard Valley (1910)
   Vane of the Timberlands (1911)
   The Long Portage (1912)
     aka The Pioneer
   Ranching for Sylvia (1912)
   For the Allinson Honor (1913)
   Prescott of Saskatchewan (1913)
     aka The Wastrel
   The Buccaneer Farmer (1914)
   The Intriguers (1914)
   The League of the Leopard (1914)
   Harding of Allenwood (1915)
   His One Talent (1916)
     aka Brandon of the Engineers
   Johnstone of the Border (1916)
   Carmen's Messenger (1917)
   The Dust of Conflict (1917)
   The Girl from Keller's (1917)
   A Risky Game (1917)
   The Lure of the North (1918)
   Sadie's Conquest (1918)
   Partners of the Out-Trail (1919)
   Wyndham's Pal (1919)
   The Wilderness Mine (1920)
   Kit Musgrave's Luck (1921)
     aka Musgrave's Luck
   Lister's Great Adventure (1921)
   The Man from the Wilds (1922)
   Northwest! (1922)
     aka The Mountaineers / Pine Creek Ranch
   The Bush-Rancher (1923)
   The Wilderness Patrol (1923)
   Carson of Red River (1924)
   Green Timber (1924)
   Cross Trails (1925)
   Prairie Gold (1925)
     aka The Broken Net
   The Broken Trail (1926)
     aka Sour Grapes
   Pine-Creek Ranch (1926)
   The Dark Road (1927)
   The Ghost of Hemlock Canyon (1927)
   The Firm Hand (1928)
     aka The Lone Hand
   Mystery Reef (1928)
     aka Halford's Adventure
   The Frontiersman (1929)
   The Harder Way (1929)
   Larry of Lonesome Lake, (1929)
   The Man At Willow Ranch (1930)
     aka Harden's Escape
   Rancher Jim (1930)
   The Border Trail (1931)
     aka Carter's Triumph
   The Prairie Patrol (1931)
     aka The Lean Years
   Jungle Gold (1932)
   Fenwick's Trail (1933)
   Valley Gold (1934)
   Sweetwater Ranch (1935)
   The Forbidden River (1936)
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Black Cat Weekly
   45. Black Cat Weekly #45 (2022) (with Tobias S Buckell, Hal Charles, Nictzin Dyalhis, John M Floyd, Craig Shaw Gardner, Steve Hockensmith, Henry Kuttner, George O Smith and Manly Wade Wellman)
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