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Jenna Bayley-Burke

By day, Jenna is faster than a speeding toddler, stronger than a stubborn husband, able to leap tall Lego structures in a single bound...but by night, while the family sleeps she writes romance novels where no one ever has to scoop up after the dog, change diapers, clip coupons, drive carpool, do laundry, mop floors, get silly putty out of hair, vacuum, empty the vacuum bag (gross!), exercise, count calories, apply bandaids, clean up puke...wait where was this going? Oh, Jenna writes romance because it is glamorous. Just ask the dog.

Genres: Romance
   Dreams & Desires Vol 3 (2009) (with Shobhan Bantwal, Marci Baun, Mychael Black, Amanda Brice, M E Ellis, Gemma Halliday, Candace Havens, Babe King and Bonnie Kinsey)
   Not My 1st Rodeo (2015) (with Donna Alward and Sarah M Anderson)