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(The sixth book in the McKeegans series)
A novel by

From USA Today Best Selling Author Kathleen Ball
Carrick's life takes a drastic turn when he escapes from his exploitative employers after two harrowing years of captivity, only to return home to find his house deserted. As he descends from the mountain, his heart swells with joy upon reuniting with his son, yet it shatters upon learning of his wife's tragic passing during his absence.

Meanwhile, Patience Ledger embarks on what she believes to be a visit to the McKeegan family, unaware of her father's secret agreement that she is to be wed to a McKeegan. To her horror, she discovers that the only eligible McKeegan is the elderly patriarch, Eion. Their interactions are fraught with tension as Eion is clueless about any binding contract, leading to constant arguments and distress for Patience.

In a surprising turn, Carrick intervenes to assist his father and impulsively offers to marry Patience, despite harboring no romantic feelings for her. For Carrick, it's a pragmatic solution to the dilemma surrounding Patience's unforeseen predicament.

Amidst this arrangement, questions linger: Can a man shattered by loss and heartache learn to love once more? Can a reserved and unassuming woman like Patience find a way to connect with and perhaps even transform the rugged and solitary Carrick?

Their union begins under unconventional circumstances, teetering between duty and apprehension. Yet, as Carrick and Patience navigate their unexpected marriage, they gradually unravel the layers of their own vulnerabilities, discovering unexpected strengths within each other. Through shared challenges and unforeseen moments of tenderness, they embark on a journey of healing and growth, learning to bridge the chasm between their disparate worlds.

Ultimately, their story becomes a testament to resilience, as they find solace and a renewed sense of purpose in each other's company, gradually turning an arrangement born of necessity into a bond founded on understanding, compassion, and, perhaps, the possibility of genuine love.

Genre: Inspirational

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