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Grows up on the mean streets of Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. Oldest of four siblings, the younger three all adopted from Korea (incidentally all three terrible at math thus debunking the 'brilliant Asian' stereotype). Other siblings include an older step-sister, Stacie and Becky The Runaway who sought refuge after nearly being sexually assaulted by the chimpanzee Mr. Jiggs, from whom she was renting a room.

At 12, develops a nasty case of Plantar Warts on the soles of her feet. Unable to attend Karate class; begins playing guitar. Takes lessons from step-mother's cousin, John Pizzarelli.

Spends entire adolescence playing guitar and running amok with her siblings. Allegedly attends High School in Jersey, but cuts out daily to crash afternoon theory and improv classes at LaGuardia School of Music and Art in NYC. Takes private lessons with Sal Salvador (legend to all who knew him). Also attends Manhattan School of Music Pre-College on weekends.

Moves to NYC at 18. Rents a room in the horrific Hotel Greystone. Neighbors include a woman who fries fish at all hours of the night and several devout Buddhists whose repetitive 'nameyorengeyo' chant causes her walls to vibrate.

Ekes out an existence as a musician, playing local bars, etc. Works as a waitress at the White Horse Tavern to make ends meet.

Unable to embrace the starving musician lifestyle, quits playing and returns to school. Attends Hunter College.

Manages only to attend Professor Leoff's Romantic Poetry Class. Takes her cue from Romantics; quits school and begins writing. Concerned mother plans intervention.

With no degree, and no marketable skills to speak of, manages to find work in the film business. Begins as an intern, moves up the ranks (an epic story for another day) until she sells first screenplay.

Co-writes How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days and 102 Dalmatians.

Desperate for more control over her writing, writes The Parker Grey Show.

Three years later Tramps Like Us: A Suburban Confession emerges.

Currently lives in Los Angeles with Brian Regan (writing partner/significant other/father of her children/not the comedian/not the spy) and has two kids; daughter Peyton (4) and son Liam (1); and a large gaseous bullmastiff named Bogart.
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