Liberty Blake

Liberty Blake Bio Liberty Blake lives in New England in a large communal home with several of her children and six grandchildren, four dogs, and five cats. It is a wonderfully hectic family home. Liberty began writing stories on a toy typewriter that was replaced with a real typewriter when she was nine. She has slowed down at times, but she has never stopped writing. Liberty loves music and knows hundreds of show tunes and more theme songs than anyone should know. To the horror of her family she is ready to belt out these tunes at the top of her lungs, never hitting a right note. Liberty also enjoys traveling, long walks on the beach, and looking at handsome men. As much as Liberty enjoys traveling and visiting, New England is home. She loves the changing seasons.
Winter Delight
1. Christmas Spirit (2013)
2. Change of Heart (2013)
Love Around the Bend
1. Christmas Lights (2013)