Neil Bell

(Stephen Southwold)
UK flag (1887 - 1964)

aka S H Lambert, Paul Martens

   The Seventh Bowl (1930)
   Precious Porcelain (1931)
   Valiant Clay (1931)
     aka The Gas War Of 1940
   The Disturbing Affair of Noel Blake (1932)
   The Marriage Of Simon Harper (1932)
   Bredon and Sons (1933)
   Death Rocks the Cradle (1933) (as by Paul Martens)
   The Lord Of Life (1933)
   The Truth About My Father (1934) (as by Paul Martens)
   Winding Road (1934)
   The Days Dividing (1935)
   The Son Of Richard Carden (1935)
   Crocus (1936)
   Lucky Dip (1936)
   Strange Melody (1936)
   Pinkney's Garden (1937)
   Testament Of Stephen Fane (1937)
   Love and Julian Farne (1938)
   One Came Back (1938)
   The Smallways Rub Along (1938)
   Not A Sparrow Falls (1939)
   So Perish The Roses (1940)
   The Desperate Pursuit (1941)
   The Spice Of Life (1941)
   Peek's Progress (1942)
   Cover His Face (1943)
   Child Of My Sorrow (1944)
   Portrait of a Gideon Power (1944) (as by S H Lambert)
   The Handsome Langleys (1945)
   Life Comes To Seathorpe (1946)
   Forgive Us Our Trespasses (1947)
   The Governess At Ashburton Hall (1948)
   Who Was James Carey? (1949)
   Endless Chain (1956)
   The House At the Crossroads (1966)
   Narrow Edge (1972)
   My Brother Charles (1972)
   Story of Leon Barentz (1973)
   13 Piccadilly (1973)
   Life and Andrew Otway (1974)
   Romance in Lavender (1975)
   Missing from Home (1983)
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   Forty Stories
   Mixed Pickles (1935)
   Alpha and Omega (1946)
   Who Walk in Fear (1953)
   The Captain's Woman (1955)
   The Ninth Earl of Whitby (1966)
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