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Norman Bridwell

USA flag (1928 - )

Norman Bridwell is an American author and cartoonist best known for the Clifford the Big Red Dog series of children's books.Bridwell was born in Kokomo, Indiana.
Clifford The Big Red Dog
Clifford Takes a Trip (1966)
Clifford's Riddles (1974)
Clifford the Small Red Puppy (1978)
Clifford The Big Red Dog (1980)
Clifford's Tricks (1980)
Clifford's Christmas (1982)
Clifford's Story Hour (1984)
Clifford and the Grouchy Neighbors (1985)
Count On Clifford (1985)
Clifford's Halloween (1986)
Clifford Goes To Hollywood (1986)
Clifford's ABC (1986)
Clifford's Birthday Party (1988)
Clifford At the Circus / More Fun and Games With Clifford (omnibus) (1989)
Clifford's Happy Days (1990)
Clifford's Word Book (1990)
Clifford, We Love You (1991)
Clifford's Animal Sounds (1991)
Clifford's Bathtime (1991)
Clifford's Peekaboo (1991)
Clifford Gets A Job (1992)
Clifford's Kitten (1992)
Clifford's Pals (1992)
Clifford Follows His Nose (1992)
Clifford Counts Bubbles (1992)
Clifford's Noisy Day (1992)
Clifford's Bag of Fun (1993)
Where Is Clifford? (1993)
Clifford's Tiny Pop-up (1994)
Clifford's Big Book Of Stories (1994)
Clifford The Firehouse Dog (1994)
Clifford's First Christmas (1994)
Clifford And The Big Storm (1995)
Clifford's Furry Friends (1996)
Clifford's First Valentine's Day (1997)
Clifford's First Autumn (1997)
Clifford and the Big Parade (1998)
What Time Is It, Clifford? (1998)
Oops, Clifford! (1998)
Clifford's First Snow Day (1998)
Clifford Counts 1, 2, 3 (1998)
Clifford The Big Red Dog Finger Pup Pet (1999)
Clifford and the Halloween Party (1999)
Clifford's Valentine Bag of Fun (1999)
Clifford Grows Up (1999)
Clifford Keeps Cool (1999)
Clifford's First School Day (1999)
Clifford Barks! (2000)
Clifford to the Rescue (2000)
Clifford's Best Friend (2000)
Clifford Celebrates The Year (2001)
Clifford the Big Red Dog Big Coloring and Activity Book (2001)
Clifford's Hiccups (2001)
Clifford's Puppy Fun (2001)
Clifford Runs to Story Time (2001)
Clifford the Big Red Dog Dogs and Cats Activity Book (2001)
Clifford the Big Red Dog No Dogs Allowed Activity Book (2001)
Clifford's Loose Tooth (2002)
Clifford's Neighborhood (2002)
Clifford's Class Trip (2002)
Classic Clifford Stories (2003)
Clifford Boxset (omnibus) (2003)
Clifford Finds A Clue (2004) (with Gail Herman)
Clifford the Big Red Dog Read Along (2006)
Clifford's Happy New Year (2006)
Clifford the Big Red Dog and Other Clifford Stories (omnibus) (2007)
Clifford Preschool Treasury (2007)
Clifford's Valentine's Day (2007)
Clifford's Funny Adventures (omnibus) (2007)
School Days Treasury (2007)
Clifford The Champion (2009)
Clifford Goes to Dog School (2010)
Clifford's Busy Week (2010)
Clifford's Family (2010)
Clifford's First Halloween (2010)
Clifford's First Sleepover (2010)
Clifford's Good Deeds (2010)
Clifford's Manners (2010)
Clifford's Puppy Days (2010)
Clifford's Thanksgiving Visit (2010)
Clifford's Best Pals (2010)
Clifford Is a Star (2010)
Clifford's Big Red Tales (omnibus) (2010)
Clifford at the Circus (2011)
Clifford Visits the Hospital (2011)
Clifford's Day with Dad (2011)
Clifford's Happy Easter (2011)
Clifford Makes the Team (2011)
Clifford Goes to the Doctor (2011)
Clifford and the Dinosaurs (2011)
Clifford Cares (2011)
Clifford Loves His Friends (2011)
Clifford Sees America (2012)
Clifford's Field Day (2012)
Clifford Shares (2012)
Clifford Collection (omnibus) (2012)
Clifford's Bedtime Story (2013)
Clifford's Bedtime Story Box (2013)
Clifford Visits the Zoo (2014)
Clifford Goes to Kindergarten (2015)
Clifford's School Story Box (omnibus) (2015)
Clifford Celebrates Hanukkah (2015)


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