Sara Ware Bassett

USA flag (1872 - 1968)
   Mrs. Christy's Bridge Party (1907)
   The Story of Lumber (1912)
   The Story of Wool (1913)
   The Story of Leather (1915)
   The Taming of Zenas Henry (1915)
   The Story of Glass (1916)
   The Story of Sugar (1917)
   The Wayfarers At the Angel's (1917)
   The Story of Silk (1918)
   An American Poilu (1919)
   The Harbor Road (1919)
   The Story of Porcelain (1919)
   Paul and the Printing Press (1920)
   The Wall Between (1920)
   Flood Tide (1921)
   Steve and the Steam Engine (1921)
   Granite and Clay (1922)
   Ted and the Telephone (1922)
   Walter and the Wireless (1923)
   Carl and the Cotton Gin (1924)
   Christopher and the Clockmakers (1925)
   The Story of Columbus (1926)
   The Green Dolphin (1927)
   The Story of Vasco Da Gama (1927)
   Bayberry Lane (1931)
   Twin Lights (1932)
   Shifting Sands (1933)
   Turning tide (1934)
   Hidden Shoals (1935)
   Eternal Deeps (1936)
   Shining Headlands (1937)
   New England born (1938)
   A Son of the Sea (1939)
   An Ocean Heritage (1940)
   Cross Currents (1941)
   Sea Magic (1942)
   Anchorage (1943)
   Heart's Haven (1944)
   Silver Moon Cottage (1945)
   The Beacon (1946)
   Head Winds (1947)
   Within the Harbor (1948)
   The White Sail (1949)
   Echoes of the Tide (1951)
   Beyond the Breakers (1952)
   The Whispering Pine (1953)
   Adrift (1954)
   To Each His Dream (1955)
   South Cove summer (1956)
   The Girl in the Blue Pinafore (1957)
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