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Valerie Bloom

Jamaica (b.1956)

Valerie was born in 1956, first came to England in 1979, and is now based in Kent, but continues to travel around the UK and abroad adding to her thousands of performances, workshops and school visits. Her poetry has become widely known through her books, those of her own poetry and anthologies she has edited, plus a novel, and she was commissioned to write a poem on Celebration for National Poetry Day 2002. At last count, her poetry had been printed in over 250 anthologies, as well as appearing frequently on television, stage and radio.
   Touch Mi! Tell Mi! (poems) (1990)
   Duppy Jamboree (poems) (1992)
   Fruits (poems) (1996)
   Yuh Hear Bout? (poems) (1998)
   Ackee, Breadfruit, Callaloo (poems) (1999)
   Let Me Touch the Sky (poems) (2000)
   The World Is Sweet (poems) (2000)
   Hot Like Fire (poems) (2002)
   Whoop An' Shout! (poems) (2003)
   Talking Caribbean (poems) (2005)
   Jaws and Claws and Things with Wings (poems) (2013)
   Stars with Flaming Tails (poems) (2021)
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Picture Books
   New Baby (2000)