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William G Bogart

William G Bogart was an American pulp fiction writer. He is best known for writing several Doc Savage novels, under the pseudonym Kenneth Robeson.

In addition to the Doc Savage novels, Bogart published works in many genres under his own name. He also created the detective Johnny Saxon, and featured him in several novels.

Genres: Science Fiction
Doc Savage
   74. World's Fair Goblin (1939)
   81. Hex (1939)
   84. The Angry Ghost (1940)
   85. The Spotted Men (1940)
   89. The Flying Goblin (1940)
   90. Tunnel Terror (1940)
   93. The Awful Dynasty (1940)
   96. Bequest of Evil (1941)
   110. The Magic Forest (1942)
   161. Fire and Ice (1946)
   164. Death in Little Houses (1946)
   166. The Disappearing Lady (1946)
   167. Target for Death (1947)
   168. The Death Lady (1947)
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