book cover of With this Witch, I Thee Dead

With this Witch, I Thee Dead

(The fourth book in the Wedding Witch Cozy Mystery series)
A novel by


New boyfriend, new magic spells, and a serial bride. The last complication our rookie witch needs is a new murder.

Skylar Blackwood’s days in the sleepy seaside town of Tidewater are a whirlwind in a cauldron. She’s loving the bustle of wall-to-wall summer weddings, the forgotten thrill of using her magic, and the fun of flirting with the dashing doctor who won’t take no for an answer. The shocking discovery of a dead body casts a jinx on all that.

Once again, Skye finds herself working with her detective ex-husband. Ignoring the handsome jerk while cracking the case before he does is one hex of a challenge.

Then Skye's investigation attracts the attention of the killer. Can she muster enough magical mojo to stop herself becoming the murderer’s next mark?

This is the 4th book in the Wedding Witch paranormal cozy mystery series.

If you crave crime scene confusion and magical mayhem with a dash of snarky banter from an unlikely team of small town sleuths, you’ll love With this Witch, I Thee Dead.

Grab your copy now and unravel the secrets lurking in Tidewater's shadows.<

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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