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0 Alien Regrets

(The sixth book in the Crash Landed Alien Love series)
A novel by

In the ruthless embrace of Planet Vysaria, a solitary flying cannibal alien outcast, prowls the skies, burdened by a heart heavy with resentment. Amidst the dense forest below, he spots a lone figure, readying himself for the kill, he's driven by the instinct for survival—and hunger. He descends from the sky, intent on capturing his prey, and as he rises with its victim in the clutches of his talons, he releases him to plummet to his death to feast on. But the truth shatters the air like a dagger—as he looks down at his victim, he is not the male he assumed, but a female.

Stunned by the revelation, Phalon halts Felicity's descent just in time, saving her from a fatal fall. The tangled dance of fate binds them in an uneasy alliance, a tumultuous journey through the perilous landscapes of a world where trust is scarce begins.

Haunted by their tormented pasts, Phalon and Felicity's
connection teeters on the edge of love and hate. He, a creature hardened by exile, and she, a stowaway with secrets of her own, navigate the treacherous terrain of their growing alliance. The echo of their anguished pasts forms a discordant melody, drowning out the potential for harmony.

Yet, when shadows from Phalon's past resurface, ensnaring them in a perilous web,
he grapples with conflicting loyalties—his clan's survival or his undeniable pull towards Felicity. As their captors tighten their grip, a tempestuous love-hate bond becomes the flickering beacon in the encroaching darkness.

In the face of impending doom, Phalon
defies his own kind to protect the woman who once stood as his prey. The clash with his clan becomes a battleground for both love and survival, forcing them to confront the profound depths of their connection.

Just when hope dims,
five futuristic motorbikes blaze onto the scene, bearing enigmatic green aliens accompanied by human pillion passengers. Among them, Felicity recognizes a face from the spaceship she once stowed away on, but will their arrival usher salvation or an even more complex twist to their intertwined destinies? The answer lies in the enigmatic embrace of a world where love and danger entwine, promising an exhilarating journey through the uncharted territories of the Perinqual Galaxy.

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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