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Edward Candy

(Barbara Alison Boodson Neville)
(1925 - 1993)

Edward Candy was the pseudonym of Barbara Alison Boodson Neville (Dr Alison Neville) (1925-1993) about whom little is now known except that she was a British doctor who had held a number of hospital posts before going into voluntary retirement to raise a family. She had five children. She used a pseudonym because she intended to go back into medical practice after her family had grown up, but instead she returned part-time to work in electroencephalography, and so allowed brief biographical details to appear in her very last book. She died of motor neurone disease.
   The Graver Tribe (1958)
   A Lady's Hand (1959)
   A Season of Discord (1964)
   Strokes of Havoc (1966)
   Parents' Day (1967)
   Dr. Amadeus (1969)
   Scene Changing (1977)
   Voices of Children (1980)
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