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Hila Colman

The Big Step (1957)
A Crown for Gina (1958)
Julie Builds Her Castle (1959)
The Best Wedding Dress (1960)
The Girl from Puerto Rico (1961)
Mrs. Darling's Daughter (1962)
Phoebe's First Campaign (1963)
Watch That Watch (1963)
Classmates By Request (1964)
The Boy Who Couldn't Make up His Mind (1965)
Christmas Cruise (1965)
Bride at Eighteen (1966)
Dangerous Summer (1966)
Car-crazy girl (1967)
Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967)
Something Out of Nothing (1968)
Andy's Landmark House (1969)
The Happenings at North End School (1970)
Peter's Brownstone House (1970)
End of the Game (1971)
Daughter Of Discontent (1971)
The Family and the Fugitive (1972)
Diary of a Frantic Kid Sister (1973)
Benny, the Misfit (1973)
Chicano Girl (1973)
Friends and Strangers On Location (1974)
That's the Way It Is, Amigo (1975)
Mixed-Marriage Daughter (1975)
After the Wedding (1975)
Ethan's Favorite Teacher (1975)
Claudia, Where Are You? (1976)
Nobody Has to Be a Kid Forever (1976)
The Amazing Miss Laura (1976)
Sometimes I Dont Love My Mother (1977)
The Case of the Stolen Bagels (1977)
Hanging On (1977)
Harold the Bird Watcher (1978)
The Secret Life of Harold the Bird Watcher (1978)
Tell Me No Lies (1978)
Rachel's Legacy (1978)
Ellie's Inheritance (1979)
Accident (1980)
What's the Matter with the Dobson? (1980)
Girl Meets Boy (1982)
The Family Trap (1982)
Don't Tell Me That You Love Me (1983)
Not for Love (1983)
Just the Two of Us (1984)
Nobody Told Me What I Need to Know (1984)
Triangle of Love (1985)
A Fragile Love (1985)
Weekend Sisters (1985)
Happily Ever After (1986)
Remind Me Not to Fall in Love (1987)
Suddenly (1987)
Rich & Famous Like My Mom (1988)
The Double Life of Angela Jones (1988)
Forgotten Girl (1990)


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