Margaret Carr


aka Martin Carroll, Carole Kerr

Genres: Mystery
Begotten murder (1967) (as by Martin Carroll)
Spring into Love (1967)
Blood Vengeance (1968) (as by Martin Carroll)
Dead Trouble (1968) (as by Martin Carroll)
Goodbye Is Forever (1968) (as by Martin Carroll)
Too Beautiful to Die (1969) (as by Martin Carroll)
Bait (1970) (as by Martin Carroll)
Miranda Said Murder (1970) (as by Martin Carroll)
Hear No Evil (1971) (as by Martin Carroll)
Dangerous Affair (1971)
Tread Warily At Midnight (1971)
Sitting Duck (1972)
Who's the Target? (1974)
Wait for the Wake (1974)
Not for Sale (1975) (as by Carole Kerr)
Shadow of the Hunter (1975) (as by Carole Kerr)
Too Close for Comfort (1975)
Blood Will Out (1975)
A Time to Surrender (1975) (as by Carole Kerr)
Blindman's Bluff (1976)
Sharendel (1976)
Out of the Past (1976)
Dare the Devil (1976)
Love All Start (1977) (as by Carole Kerr)
Twin Tragedy (1977)
The Witch of Wykham (1978)
Lamb to the Slaughter (1978) (as by Carole Kerr)
An Innocent Abroad (1979)
When Dreams Come True (1980) (as by Carole Kerr)
Daggers Drawn (1980)
Stolen Heart (1981) (as by Carole Kerr)
Deadly Pursuit (1991)
Dark Intruder (1991)
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