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Wings of Glory

(The third book in the Fightin'est Ship in WWII series)
A novel by

There’s a super storm brewing out in the Pacific… one that will change the course of history forever…

After three successful raids on Japanese outposts, the men and pilots of USS
Enterprise are ready to get out there and hit Tojo once more. However, something dark and dangerous lies on the horizon… but before they face that storm, the U.S. Navy and Army has a delivery to make… right to Hirohito’s front porch!

U.S. Army Air Corps Lt. Colonel James Doolittle has assembled a squadron of B-25 bombers and has a message to send to Tokyo. However, only the U.S. Navy can get him close enough… and when they do, Japan will realize that they can no longer hide across the sea.

Meanwhile, the Pacific war heats up. After an indecisive clash in the Coral Sea, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto has something major up his sleeve… a huge fleet of carriers, warships and transports is headed for a tiny flyspeck in the middle of the ocean… and whoever controls Midway Atoll will control the war.

Thanks to the round the clock efforts of the Ultra crypto team, Admiral Nimitz has been forewarned about where and when the mighty Kido Butai will attack. Now he scrambles to get
Enterprise, Hornet and a wounded Yorktown ready to sail and meet the Japanese fleet head on. When the two combatants meet, the results will be bloody, decisive and there can be only one victor…

Engines roar, guns blaze and bomb blasts echo across time in this titanic clash of the world’s mightiest navies!

Genre: Historical

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