book cover of The Heart-Stealer Mask

The Heart-Stealer Mask

(The second book in the Doomsday Archives series)
A novel by

The next installment in The Doomsday Archives introduces an alluring new occult relic and a sinister new foe—a masked monster that lures victims with visions of their hearts' desires.

Unlike her friends Emrys and Serena, Hazel is struggling to adjust to magic and to their new roles as the secret protectors of New Rotterdam. She’s already worried about her mom, who works endless shifts at the hospital to make ends meet, and now she also has to worry about defending their entire town from supernatural forces. If only Hazel could figure out how to use her relic, the Magnus Crown, which has the power to transform matter, including turning lead into gold . . . gold that would certainly help ease her family’s financial issues.

But before Hazel can crack the Crown’s secrets, the trio discover a chilling new monster is hunting in New Rotterdam, luring its victims with visions of what they desire most. To Hazel’s horror, the monster seems to know exactly what’s in her heart and how to reel her in . . .

With eerie black-and-white illustrations by Julian Callos and chilling Wiki excerpts,
The Heart-Stealer Mask continues the deliciously creepy Doomsday Archives series by Zack Loran Clark and Nick Eliopulos.

Genre: Children's Fiction

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