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Adrienne Dines

Ireland (b.1959)

Adrienne Dines was born in Dublin in 1959. A graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, she moved to Weybridge to teach in a convent school, before spending 10 years in Aberdeen teaching, writing poetry and speeches following her marriage to a BP oilman. Now back in Weybridge, she is a contributor to church publications and is still a speechwriter '" for world champion canoeists, social functions and even ordinations.
Adrienne Dines recommends
The Last Day (2018)
Claire Dyer
"The Last Day is a beautifully written story about how we love and whom we love and what that makes us do. The ties that bind versus the hurts that break and just as your heart is breaking, love wins. For me, this book's a prizewinner: emotional geology, with all its sharp edges, in very safe hands."