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Dead Man's Fury

(The third book in the Dead Man's War series)
A novel by


Death comes quickly.

Just when Earl Anderson thought he was finally about to get some answers, an impossibly large force of enemy spaceships appear on the horizon, tossing the training camp into turmoil.

At a moment when he thinks his commanding officer John Jeffords and he are about to finally cooperate , Jeffords once again gives him an order meant to kill him.

Earl Anderson has no choice but to obey, fearing that death is just a few steps away.

He now faces a battle for which he is not only ill-trained, but he is also unarmed. He must use his wits and what abilities he has to struggle for survival. If you like space opera and military science fiction, this book is for you. Fans of Ender’s Game, Starship Troopers, Old Man’s War, and Dune will enjoy this book.


Read the third installment to find out what happens next in this epic saga. Buy your copy today!

Sneak Peek

The ground shook as the lurker came down outside, roaring again.

The nearby gunfire went silent.

I was halfway through when the tent shook.

The metal frame was torn from the ground as light flooded in behind me where the lurker had uprooted the tent. The stakes dangled down as the lurker held it up with a leg that it once again used like an arm.

I dove under a cot and kept crawling forward, hoping that the creature might lose sight of me and would be drawn to other soldiers who were renewing their attacks on it after apparently shifting to have a better angle, if the gunfire I heard outside was any indication.

It would be nice to have a rifle. I shook my head. Of course, I might’ve tried to fight instead of run and would be dead by now.

The tent shook as I crawled out from under one cot and made my way underneath another. When the lurker roared, a ghastly rotten stench filled the tent. The wind picked up bits of sand and slung them into my face as I came to a tent wall. The cot right above me was torn away, its legs scratching my back as I lifted a flap of canvas and rolled underneath the wall to the chaos outside.

Genre: Science Fiction

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