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Adar Rahid and his five-year-old son Jorad are on the run with soldiers chasing after them who are intent on murdering Adar and delivering Jorad to Adar's father. They have been running for weeks, and Adar decides to risk stopping at an inn known as the East Wind.

Soldiers close in on them minutes after their arrival.

Adar must defend his son while fighting off soldiers who would not otherwise be his enemy. Just when he thinks he has the situation in hand, things take a turn for the worse and spin out of control.

Readers are taken on an adventure as a father and son struggle to find a way to survive in this tale of epic fantasy and science fiction. This action-packed story is a prequel to War of the Fathers, the first volume in the War of the Fathers series. Fans of Robert Jordan and George R.R. Martin will enjoy this story. Buy your copy today!

Sneak Peek

The innkeeper's eyes went to Jorad. A look of recognition crossed his face but he wiped it away when his eyes turned back to Adar. That briefest of moments was all it took for Adar to know that Tere's men had been here.

Adar stared at the innkeeper without blinking, his face as a stone. It was a look that he'd learned others found intimidating. Fear wasn't the way he preferred to interact with people, but with his son in the mix, he didn't think twice about it.

He crossed the room in two steps, grabbed the innkeeper by the man's apron and pushed him up against the wall. All eyes in the place where now on Adar but he didn't care.

"When were they last here?"

The man made a blubbering sound as he looked anxiously to either side, he didn't appear to have heard Adar's question. Adar grabbed the man's face with a hand and held it until he looked Adar in the eyes.

"Where are they?"

The poor innkeeper opened his mouth and moved it but no words came out. At least not at first. After looking like a fish out of water, he finally found his tongue.

"They're still here." His voice was small and quiet, but he looked petrified with fear. "Leave now."

The man swallowed. "I won't tell them about you."
"You little sneak."

The voice had come from the stairs and it wasn't clear to Adar if the speaker was referring to the innkeeper or to Adar.

Adar released the innkeeper as he turned to face the man whose voice he recognized without needing to hear more.

The innkeeper fell to his knees and crawled into the kitchen.

"Tormand." Adar frowned as the man stepped from the stairs into the room and was followed by several more.

Tormand unsheathed his sword, his men did the same.

Genre: Fantasy

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