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Revenge of the Orion 23

(The seventh book in the Red Survivor Mission Chronicles series)
A Novella by


This is the second ambush by the Plethki. They really want the Red Survivor. First Officer Nick Williams refuses to let them have it. With the ship’s self destruct warning ringing in his ears and Captain Marchant out of play, Nick descends with Ensign Redding into the bowels of the ship to claim back their ship.

Will they succeed?

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In the Red Survivor Mission Chronicles, this is a standalone space opera short story. Fans of Star Trek, Firefly, space fleet, and space opera will enjoy this story, pick up your copy now!

Sneak Peek

I watched with horror as the scene unfolded before us. Seven torpedoes barreled our way so fast that we had mere seconds before impact.

More advanced FEDE warships had countermeasures that they could deploy to fight torpedoes. As a smaller exploratory vessel from back in the days before the FEDE had become a full-fledged military organization, the Red Survivor was armed with only a perfunctory number of light torpedoes. We did not have such luxuries as countermeasures or weapons capable of going toe to toe with other enemy ships.

“Brace for impact in five seconds!” Ensign Redding took a deep breath and held onto the consul in front of her. “Five, four, three, two, one!”

I grabbed hold of my armrests, even though I was strapped in, and waited for the first to hit.

The ship rocked with an explosion.

It was followed by four more subsequent blasts in rapid succession.

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Genre: Science Fiction

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