Joan Darling

USA flag (b.1935)

aka Ellen Searight, Dee Stuart, Diana Stuart

Genres: Romance
Destiny's Bride (1978) (as by Diana Stuart)
Wings Of Morning (1980) (as by Dee Stuart)
Freedom's Flame (1980) (as by Dee Stuart)
Cry for Paradise (1981) (as by Diana Stuart)
The Innocent Adulteress (1981) (as by Dee Stuart)
Scarlet Lily (1982) (as by Dee Stuart)
Christina (1984) (as by Dee Stuart)
Prime Specimen (1984) (as by Diana Stuart)
Tyler's Folly (1984)
Leader of the Pack (1985) (as by Diana Stuart)
The Shadow Between (1985) (as by Diana Stuart)
Out of a Dream (1986) (as by Diana Stuart)
Man Around the House (1986)
Carolina Moon (1987)
The Moon Pool (1991) (as by Diana Stuart)
Golden Interlude (1994) (as by Ellen Searight)
Blood Ties (1995) (as by Dee Stuart)
Deadly Legacy (1996) (as by Dee Stuart)
Dream of Love (1997)
Wild At Heart (1999)
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Series contributed to
Velvet Glove (as by Dee Stuart)
18. Masked Reflections (1985)