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Kate Dramis is an Atlanta-based writer whose obsession with fantasy worlds and escaping into a good love story eventually drove her to chase her dreams of being an author.

Inspired by a dream about a woman calling down lightning to save a friend, The Curse of Saints is Kate's debut fantasy novel and the first in the trilogy.

When she's not busy writing banter that makes her laugh in an embarrassingly loud fashion, you can find her impulse-booking her latest travel adventure, snuggling with her three dogs and cat, or tormenting her growing legion of readers on TikTok and Instagram with vague book teasers.

You can connect with Kate on her social media sites, and visit https://www.katedramis.com/

Genres: Paranormal Romance
New and upcoming books
Curse of Saints
   1. The Curse of Saints (2023)
   2. The Curse of Sins (2024)
   3. The Curse of Gods (2025)
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