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Sudden Desire By Lauren Dane Tess Marshall has finally had it with her boss, spoiled but handsome actor Trevor Ryan. She quits and heads off to Lake Cushman for some much-needed vacation far away from phones, televisions and civilization. But Trevor realizes that he needs Tess and shows up on the doorstep of her cabin, demanding another chance. It's then that he realizes just how beautiful and sexy the woman he's had under his nose for two years is. Their mutual attraction is incendiary and the next four days are filled with lovemaking and a deepening of emotion for both. They step into territory dangerous to Tess' heart. She knows she loves Trevor and can't settle for being his bit on the side but Trevor isn't ready for forever. Tess knows what she wants and it's not to be a back door secret lover or second-best to Trevor's career or any other women. What remains to be seen is whether Trevor can get his priorities straight before it's too late and he ends up losing her forever. Wild Oats By Nikki Soarde Samantha has only ever slept with one man, but she feels no need to look further. Trent is handsome, successful and completely dedicated to her. With the wedding just two months away, Sam feels secure and dreams happily of years of wedded bliss. Until Trent rips the rug out from under her. He makes a proposition that threatens everything she's ever believed about commitment and fidelity. She refuses, but Trent is adamant. Their future marriage is at stake. His heart is on the line. And he won't go through with the marriage unless she agrees. Furious, but unwilling to turn her back on the kind of love she sees in Trent's eyes, Sam consents. She never guesses how far he'll go to assure their future together. And she never guesses the heights of pleasure she'll experience along the way. Dominant Boys of Summer By Katherine Kingston Julie is in love with Dave. She's sure of that. But if he really is the man for her, why is her sexual response to him so tepid? She's afraid she's frigid, and Dave deserves better than that. Dave's best friend Nick guesses at a different answer and proposes a way to test out his theory. When he joins them for an explosive and erotic beach weekend, Julie will learn some extraordinary things about herself. She had no idea about her secret yearning to be mastered and dominated. Accepting that need and using it to build a relationship on that basis challenges her. Accepting that Nick is a part of the relationship with Dave adds another layer of complexity to an already complicated situation. Knockout By Hannah Murray Having the man of your dreams sweep you off your feet that's what every girl dreams of, right? Except when it happened to Nina, it was because she knocked herself unconscious. By literally running into the man of her dreams. The man she's loved from afar for five years, the man she's finally gotten up the nerve to approach. The man she's going to finally have, or get over once and for all. She's off to a great start...isn't she? Undying Magic By Ravyn Wilde Vampire hunter Jane Nichols is mourning the death of her best friend, Marissa. When she meets Rissa's brother Ricardo, one very hot Druid-mage, her thoughts turn to life. And sex. Unfortunately for Jane, Ricardo vowed never to love another mortal. They die after only a handful of years and he's been down that path before. He's determined to enjoy this woman for the short term, but nothing else. In a race against time, the couple searches for potion ingredients needed to resurrect Marissa. You know, things like mermaid scales, zombie toenails, Druid lust-sweat the usual. As they scour the Florida Keys, the only thing steamier than the tropical locale is the heat between Jane and her Druid lover. If only it could last.

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