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Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant, best friends for 25 years, have turned a friendship into the most successful and enduring writing collaboration in African American fiction. Donna and Virginia first met as plus size models vying for the same assignments. They were both featured in catalogs, ads, magazines and made national television appearances. Their modeling careers led to the opportunity to launch Maxima, a fashion and lifestyle magazine for plus-size women, where Virginia was editor-in-chief and Donna the managing editor. When publication of Maxima ceased, Virginia and Donna decided to try writing a book together.

   Tryin' to Sleep in the Bed You Made (1996) (with Donna Grant)
   Far from the Tree (2000) (with Donna Grant)
   Better Than I Know Myself (2004) (with Donna Grant)
   Gotta Keep On Tryin' (2008) (with Donna Grant)
   What Doesn't Kill You (2009) (with Donna Grant)
   Uptown (2010) (with Donna Grant)
   Exposures (2011) (with Donna Grant)

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