DI Bethany Smith

A series by Emmy Ellis

DI Bethany Smith
0 The Secret Santa Killer (2019)
     aka Santa and the Secret
1 The Cold Call Killer (2019)
     aka Cold is the Caller
2 The Creepy-Crawly Killer (2019)
     aka Down in the Garden
3 The Screwdriver Killer (2019)
     aka Red is the Colour
4 The Scorched Skin Killer (2019)
     aka How Skin Burns
5 The Street Party Killer (2019)
     aka Death is a Party
6 The Candy Cane Killer (2019)
     aka The Gift is Murder
7 The Meat Hook Killer (2020)
     aka Evil is the Butcher
8 The Blade Killer (2020)
     aka Blood of the Raven
9 The Sledgehammer Killer (2020)
     aka The Last Hurrah

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