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Walter D. Edmonds has been a National Book Award winner and recipient of the Newbery Medal. He is the author of Bert Breens Barn, The Boyds of Black River, In the Hands of the Senecas, Mostly Canallers, Rome Haul, Time to Go House, and most recently the autobiographical Tales My Father Never Told, all available from Syracuse University Press.
   Rome Haul (1929)
   The Big Barn (1930)
   Erie Water (1933)
   Drums Along the Mohawk (1936)
   Chad Hanna (1940)
   The Matchlock Gun (1941)
   Young Ames (1942)
   In The Hands Of The Senecas (1947)
     aka The Captive Women
   The Wedding Journey (1947)
   The Boyds of Black River (1953)
   The Musket and the Cross (1968)
   Wolf Hunt (1970)
   Bert Breen's Barn (1975)
   The South African Quirt (1985)
   Time to Go House (1994)
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